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Specify up to 50% of the content of our NHS English for EU Nurses courses

NHS Trusts are finding that more improvement of their EU nurses’ English is still needed.
GPC Language Training is working with Trusts who are facing this problem: our solution is for them to specify up to 50% of a course’s content.
Following an upgraded individual diagnostic assessment, we will sit down with both your nursing managers and educators to itemise the actual English language problems happening at ward level. Armed with this information we then design and create learning tasks to tackle these specific problems.
As an example one Trust’s EU nurses in northern England has widespread problems with listening and comprehension; the source of the problem is adapting to fast speaking speeds and the local accent/dialect. In response to this problem we are producing a series of authentic recorded nurse/patient conversations in the local accent(s) in which the speed of speaking accelerates. Comprehension tasks with these recordings help the nurses to improve their skill at tuning-in more quickly and more thoroughly.
We believe that this collaborative approach to language development problems will provide what is needed by EU nurses who have been in the UK for some time, and who have already proved themselves in the other aspects of their profession.

Posted October 5th, 2016 In News

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