Designs and delivers personalised English language courses for individuals and for groups of professionals.

Personalised Courses

Whatever challenges you have, they need to be solved efficiently and cost-effectively. It’s unlikely that a general English language course will be able to solve specific language problems.

GPC Language Training offers a solution: targeted courses focused on your challenges with English. Typical examples might be:

  • Stilted English which interrupts and undermines conversations with other professionals.
  • Unclear or inaccurate pronunciation: often leading to a frustrating and embarrassing need to repeat words and phrases.
  • Time taken to produce reports, emails etc. is too long; adversely affecting relationships with colleagues and contacts.
  • A restricted range of spontaneous vocabulary that’s specific to your profession; reducing perceptions of professionalism.
  • Grammatical errors: misleading the listener or reader, possibly leading to expensive mistakes.

Just two benefits of targeted courses are improved employee performance and better communication with colleagues, associates, clients, partners and suppliers.

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