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What Next?

If you are looking for a course for yourself and would like a quotation, please fill out this questionnaire. It is very important that it is filled out by the student who will be doing the course, because it provides us with the first example of your English.

The text in italics gives examples of what to write and advice to help you complete the questionnaire.

If you are looking for a course for one or several of your staff, please go to the Contact Us page.

1. Your learning objective(s)

This should tell me what you want to be able to do after the course that you can’t do now.

Example: By the end of the course my monthly report to the management team will have 75% fewer grammar mistakes, use website design and marketing terminology accurately and appropriately and I will be able to write it in 30% of the time it takes me now.

Example: By the end of the course I want to be able to express my opinions on news stories with confidence and be able to make small talk when I am chatting with groups of English speakers.

2. How and when you use English.

Think about situations at work and in your social life. Tell me which of these situations is/are very important to you by putting an asterisk (*) after important things that you can do already, but want to do better.

2.1 Who do you usually speak to and listen to in English?

Examples: colleagues in meetings, listen to the radio, phone suppliers etc. every day at work.

2.2 When do you need good speaking and listening skills?

Examples: telephone conference calls, informal social situations, presentations to new customers.

2.3 Who do you usually write to in English?

Examples: emails to my manager, my team at work and to my English relatives.

2.4 When do you need good writing skills?

Examples: preparing presentations, writing reports, writing customer proposals, summarising information for colleagues, helping friends and family with written English.

2.5 What do you usually read in English?

Examples: work-related emails, technical information on the Internet, The Sunday Times newspaper, crime novels.

2.6 When do you need good reading skills?

Example: reading instructions on airline and travel websites, analysing customer complaints.

3. English vocabulary and words that you need

Think about linked categories of words that you need. Example: marketing plus banking (if you were a marketing manager for a bank.

4. Your personal and contact details

4.1 What is your first language?
Do you have any skills in any languages other than English?

4.2 What is your name?

4.3 What is your company or organisation's name?

4.4 What is your position there?

4.5 What is your email address?

4.6 What is your telephone number?

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