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English Language Training Courses and Resources for Overseas NHS Staff – by

A summary of what is available for overseas NHS Nurses, HCAs and APs. Courses are delivered at your site at times to suit your staff.

  1. IELTS Examination Preparation Course
  • Aimed at HCAs and APs who could progress to Staff Nurse.
  • Intensive small-group classes.
  • Course length as needed.
  • Experienced tutors
  1. Common Nursing Scenarios Training Resource
  • Role-plays of common workplace speaking and listening scenarios
  • Designed in collaboration with an NHS Trust.
  • Tried and tested with 14 groups of EU Nurses for 10 NHS Trusts.
  • Can be delivered by your educators.
  • Includes teacher notes, learning resources, audio CDs and online support.
  • Five scenarios: 1.Obtaining the information you need to admit a new patient. 2. Managing a patient who has fallen out of bed. 3. Escalating a deteriorating patient. 4. Receiving and checking laboratory results. 5. Managing a relative’s complaint on behalf of a patient.
  • £1249.00 plus vat.
  1. NHS English Language Development Course for New Staff
  • Designed in collaboration with an NHS Trust.
  • Tried and tested with 14 groups of EU Nurses for 10 NHS Trusts.
  • Maximum course length 24 hours plus individual initial diagnostic assessments.
  • Course content can be reduced to suit your needs.
  • Suitable for integration into induction courses.
  • Groups of up to 20 students.
  • Experienced tutors
  • Five modules: 1. Developing speaking and listening skills for common nursing scenarios (five role-plays). 2. Developing listening skills for handovers. 3. Understanding the terminology of your hospital’s documents.4. Functional nursing language (e.g. IV infusions, medications, discharge planning) and 5. Developing essential grammar and pronunciation skills.
  1. Customised Catch-Up Courses for Existing Staff
  • Bespoke courses to tackle the specific English language problems of your staff.
  • Courses are created collaboration with you to design learning activities to resolve individuals’ workplace language problems.
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