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IELTS Classes for NHS Trusts

The NMC’s introduction of mandatory IELTS band 7.0 certification for Staff Nurses whose first language isn’t English has helped us to expand the range of courses we offer to NHS Trusts

Teaching colleagues past and present who are experts in teaching and assessing for the IELTS examination have been invaluable in training us and guiding us on the most effective teaching methods and resources to use with students.

Our intensive 20 hour IELTS syllabus now includes a comprehensive diagnostic assessment followed by sessions on: exam techniques, lexical expansion, targeted grammar development, skills development, exam practice plus substantial independent study with thorough corrective and developmental feedback.

Only last week a student at Hereford hospital offered a spontaneous compliment; she compared our course with a course she had done at a university and insisted that ours is much more focused, accessible and personalised. I was more pleased to hear her use these adjectives than I was to receive the compliment because I am now even more confident that she will achieve band 7.0.

Posted July 14th, 2016 In News

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