Designs and delivers personalised English language courses for individuals and for groups of professionals.

Launch of GPC Language Training

launch of paper plane as a metaphorSeptember 2011 sees the launch of my company: GPC Language Training. On offer is personalised English language teaching designed to meet the individual needs of individuals and small groups.

Distinct principles lie behind GPC Language Training’s teaching methods to underpin its personalised service and to provide the best possible learning opportunity to its customers.

These principles are:

1. Understand clearly what the individual wants to be able to do (or improve) in English in their real, everyday life.

2. Use the individual’s knowledge and their own work in English as a foundation from which to take them to new levels of awareness, skill and competence.

3. Train individuals to be able to transfer their new knowledge to other situations when they need to use English.

These principles have evolved over time as a consequence of my experience of teaching the English language to small groups with wide-ranging skill levels, and after extensive research and testing of how one to one language teaching can be delivered successfully.

My teaching experience plus an earlier extensive career in business management roles mean that GPC Language Training not only offers language teaching expertise but also empathises with the pressure to perform that is a reality for working professionals and UK residents alike today.

To show the effectiveness and professionalism of our courses, we are offering taster sessions which also include a typical learning activity and one to one discussions with interested students. If you know how you would like to improve your or your employees’ English, please go to the What Next? section of

John Lennon said: ‘Life is what happens to you while you’re making other plans’, so I look forward to hearing from you soon when you put your English improvement plan into action.

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